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Welcome to the Golden Age of the Trusted Advisor

It’s true, all that glitters isn’t gold.  What is gold for sure is the opportunity facing Trusted Advisors™.  AVANT will be at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo to help you capitalize.

April 9-12, 2019
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV

State of Disruption Report

Download Today!

AVANT conducted a cross-industry survey of 300 enterprise technology leaders at the manager level and above who lead tech purchasing decisions. See what we learned!

Cloud Channel Survey

Download today!

Learn what the most successful Cloud Partners in the channel are selling, the key factors of their success, and where you'll face your greatest competitive risks.

Special Forces Training

at Channel Partners 

We're holding our next-level sales and technical training for elite partners at the Channel Partners show. Join us for a session you can’t miss on April 9th. 

VIP Session

Golden Age of the Trusted Advisor

Join Drew Lydecker, AVANT President, as he tells you a story of an industry on the brink of an unprecedented opportunity. 

AVANT Lounge

Meet, Refresh, and Recharge

The AVANT Lounge is the perfect place to meet with us, our vendor ecosystem, or host your own meetings.  Or, wind down with a cocktail, refuel with refreshments. 

Cocktail Hour

Have a few drinks on us!

Join us for cocktail hour on Tuesday the 9th at 5:30 PM, right after the AVANT Special Forces Event located right in the AVANT Lounge. 

Party with AVANT

Join us at Omnia Nightclub

Join us April 11th at the strip’s hottest and swankiest nightclub for the most decadent evening experience of the entire Channel Partners conference.

Beer Pong Tournament

Who will be the champ?

One team will capture the Beer Pong Championship on April 10th at Level up at the MGM in Las Vegas.  Register as a team, as an individual, or just a spectator.  

With the rate of change in IT outpacing any other time in the evolution of the industry, CIOs are faced with the impossible task of running operations while keeping an eye on the horizon.  They can’t possibly stay on top of the trends and emergent technology alone.  In 2019 more enterprises than ever will turn to Trusted Advisors to help them make critical decisions and plan for the future.  That’s why now is the Golden Age of the Trusted Advisor.  There has never been a better opportunity in history to be in the position you are in. 

AVANT’s Trusted Advisor™ program gives you the tools, resources, and insights that will turn you into a Trusted Advisor overnight.  Meet with us at the AVANT Lounge during Channel Partners to learn more about Trusted Advisors™.

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