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Hello… Expert Disruptor

Sometimes even the experts need an expert. When things get crazy complicated and circumstances are unusual, you really need someone with years of experience in the channel to know what can be done and how to make it happen. Working with leading-edge disruptive technologies, we see this all the time.

So we are thrilled to welcome Joe Catanzaro as our Pricing and Order Entry Specialist. Many of you know Joe already, as he has been working the channel for years with several top providers. At AVANT, Joe will be the big guns backing up our Pricing and Order Team. He will help plan, price out, and manage our most complex connectivity opportunities. And he will provide guidance to his team as they handle their more complicated ordering scenarios.

Before becoming a problem-solver in the communications world, Joe ran his own small business. He lives in Broomfield CO with his wife and three children, and enjoys working with wood and doing projects around the house. We feel fortunate to have him coming on to share his great attitude and expertise with the department.

Bringing in Joe reinforces our commitment to our partners to continue to add A-list players to the team. As AVANT pushes the boundaries of legacy processes, you can count on us to bring you products that never existed before, products that disrupt the old markets and the old ways. And experts like Joe will help make the progress easy!